Crashcaptains (Indierock, Berlin) @ Kulturstrand München, München [16. Juli]

Crashcaptains (Indierock, Berlin)

20:00 - 21:00

Kulturstrand München
Vater-Rhein-Brunnen, 80469 Munich, Germany
Crashcaptains (Indierock, Berlin)

Eintritt frei!

Crashcaptains are on the move. Whereto is not that important. The Berlin based quintet is a lot more interested in what they will find along the way. Right at this moment, they are probably somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin, with guitars, pianos, synthesizers, drums, a mellow male voice, a shy choir, dreams, fears, melancholy and optimism, indie poetry and post-rock piled up in their tightly packed tour bus.

The band's upcoming second album «In Too Deep», to be released in the fall of 2018, is multifaceted. While the debut was mainly shaped by the clear vision of frontman and songwriter Nick Heintz, the new album gains in richness, diversity and density through the collaborative composition and arrangement work of the entire band.

Even if some hooks inevitably get stuck in your head, Crashcaptains especially shine on detours, when they take the long route, lose themselves, sink their teeth. A large part of the album was recorded live. Crashcaptains have grown together and gained self-confidence. They dare to leave room for risks. In hindsight, many supposed mistakes turned out to be strokes of good fortune. «In Too Deep» is a colorful, dynamic album with attention to detail and strong songs, which still reveal something new even after the third or fourth rendering.

The lyrics tell about restlessness, dreams of self-realization, sleepless nights in overcrowded hostel rooms, anxiety, the passion for music, the longing for togetherness, the rollercoaster of the road. Nick Heintz keeps a tour diary in English. He does not want to provoke or impose, rather reflects what he encounters in a poetic way, pausing for a moment before moving on.

Crashcaptains’ second album is full of wanderlust and the search for new perspectives. They want to go forward, seeking the journey, not the destination. Where they stop, they rest only for as long as the moment allows. When it’s time to leave, they can’t wait to see what’s behind the next bend.
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