Doppelkonzert: J.Lamotta すずめ & slimgirl fat @ Milla - Live Club, Munich [14. Juni]

Doppelkonzert: J.Lamotta すずめ & slimgirl fat

19:30 - 20:30

Milla - Live Club
Holzstraße 28, 80469 München
J.Lamotta すずめ (speak: Jay Lamotta Suzume) was born in Tel Aviv to a family with Moroccan roots. Her relationship with music actually started with the blues, singing tunes by Lightnin' Hopkins and R.L Burnside. Later as a teenager she fell in love with Jazz, and the sound of Billie Holiday, John Coltrane and Sun Ra.

In 2014 and just before finishing her Bachelor degree in Jazz, she decided to relocate to Berlin — instead of New York — where she was supposed to finish her studies.
In Berlin, she discovered her passion for soul and hip-hop through the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and J Dilla. That was also when she began flipping samples, producing her own beats, and singing on them, as well as rapping, playing trumpet, percussion, synthesizer & the guitar.
She has independently released several self-produced EPs: «Dedicated To» (2015) «Grains of Sand» (2016) «Better Now» (2016) and «State of Being» (2017).
In September 2016 she formed her own seven-piece band, «The Dizzy Sparrow», to perform her beats live. «Conscious Tree» is her first official release. It's being released in December 2017 by Jakarta Records.

slimgirl fat is a small fish in a big pool. You might know her through her further projects Gaddafi Gals and Nalan381. slimgirl fat loves what comes around – just as J. Timerlake does – and so her music will sound like. There is nothing published yet – only two 30 minutes mixtapes on her soundcloud page. But she is working hard. Working on her first solo record. She locks herself in a tiny room and keeps chanting all night long. Her sound: „is an emotional collapse of improvised gesture“
Photo Credits: Malik Abdoulayi

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14.06.2018 // Einlass 19.30 Uhr // Beginn 20.30 Uhr
VVK 12€ zzgl. Gebühren / AK 15€
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