Tunnel Visions Vol. 1 / Ark Noir / Plateau Green / Ralph Heidel @ Milla - Live Club, Munich [14. März]

Tunnel Visions Vol. 1 / Ark Noir / Plateau Green / Ralph Heidel

19:30 - 23:00

Milla - Live Club
Holzstraße 28, 80469 München
|Tunnel Visions|
Tunnel Visions is the conception of young, local artists, out to prove themselves in Munich’s growing musical subculture. This festival brings artists together with listeners in search of distinct moods in music. The sound of Tunnel Visions mixes electronic and acoustic instrumentalists & vocalists for a vivid evening of contemporary music. The event even takes place in a tunnel-like venue, Milla Club, a central hub of the city’s music scene.

|Ark Noir|
A Munich-based collective that defies most typical genre association, Ark Noir blends electronic- inspired beats with instrumental improvisation to create new sounds derived from a plethora of influences. Not necessarily a “dance band,“ Ark Noir considers its music conducive to movement, capable of transmitting cinematic imagery into listeners’ minds.

|Plateau Green|
Plateau Green was born out of the fascination to find some kind of truth in generating organic electronic music which would melt nature-like sounds (electronically generated) with real sounds which would be alienated to such a degree, that one wouldn’t be able to name their origin anymore. For Tunnel Visions Plateau Green will recreate the sounds of his Debut EP (R: 15.12.2017) with an all-live set-up, breaking the EP's eclectic sounds down to their very origin: piano, bass, synth and vocals.

|Ralph Heidel|
Normally Ralph Heidel is on stage with his band Homo Ludens, whose debut album is coming out at the end of April 2018. His music and band sound exists in a cosmos where a levitating string quartet hits an earthy, electronic beat and where bass drones hunt a synthesized saxophone. For Tunnel Visions, Ralph is playing a solo show. With his little orchestra always in mind, he’s trying to catch the approach of his compositions in a standalone setup.

14.03.2018 // Einlass: 19:30 // Beginn: 20:30
VVK: 13,00 € zzgl. Geb. // AK: 16,00 €

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