Populism and Modern Democracy / Lecture @ Amerikahaus München, Munich [6. Juli]

Populism and Modern Democracy / Lecture

19:00 - 21:00

Amerikahaus München
Barer Straße 19 a, 80333 München
Keynote Lecture of the BAA Conference «The Comeback of Populism»

The surge of populism in Western democracies is in essence a crisis of modern democracy as we have come to know it. The liberal and representative democracy was invented to prevent that political decision-making is held hostage to the daily moods of its citizens and anchored instead within a system of checks and balances among the branches of government.

This strength, however, is also its weakness: there is the risk that the cleavage between citizens and their political representatives becomes wide enough to undermine the legitimacy of the system as a whole. Parallel to a perceived division between the public and elites, there is a growing sense of political alienation and dissatisfaction with democracy.

Prof. Dr. Hans Vorländer, born 1954 in Wuppertal, Germany, holds the Chair for Political Theory and the History of Political Ideas at the Dresden University of Technology and is director of the Center for the Study of Constitutionalism and Democracy. His research focuses on political theory, history of ideas, democracy, constitutionalism and liberalism.

Free admission; please register at amerikahaus.de/veranstaltungen/detail/populism-and-modern-democracy/

For the detailed conference program go to amerikahaus.de/akademie/portfolio/jahreskonferenz/baa-konferenz-2017-the-comeback-of-populism/
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